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360 Degree Assessment

An accurate form of feedback is always important in order to receive a correct evaluation of one’s performance. A 360 degree assessment is a feedback received from a full circle of

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Software as a Service (SaaS)

BA Quest provides Software as a Service, SaaS solutions to its clients where they can host their applications and make available to their own customers over a network, like the internet.

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Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a model that enables users and enterprises to store and process their data in third-party data centers. It is a means of storing and accessing programs and data over.

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What We Do

BA Quest has already set high standards in rendering a competitive edge in the global market and has set a superior platform to generate best IT solutions. We provide high quality cost-cutting enterprise solutions to our clients with powerful management systems and potential knowledge over technologies….. Read More

Enterprise Solutions

We provide solutions for a scalable, easy to manage programming solution to providing business management and information accessibility for internal and external clients. Enterprise solutions deal with the problem of providing information to clients both externally and internally. It deals with programming and databases.

Business Solutions

Our range of business solutions is continually evolving as we constantly innovate. The range includes software to manage your business’ manage customer and supplier relationships, manage document repository, plan the business and optimise your business functions. Our software ranges from customer relationship management, document management systems, process automation developments and help for start-ups.

Independent Selection

BA Quest Consultants employ a “business process” evaluation methodology to evaluate ERP vendors.  BA Quest’s ERP Selection services are integrated with BA Quest’s Business Process Improvement services, ERP Implementation services, and Business Intelligence services. The integration of all of these services makes BA Quest client teams more efficient, reducing overall “time to benefit.”

Process Optimization

As organizations seek ways to increase efficiencies and reduce costs, BA Quest Business Process Optimization services help identify these opportunities through intense analysis and design. It develops future state processes to address them. Business Process Optimization service provides a structured approach and core set of deliverables, we also cater for customizing the processes for each client situation.<

Who We Are

BA Quest aims to become one of the most established and experienced software development companies, also providing business enterprise solutions supporting a wide number of software installations worldwide. We specialize in enterprise resource planning (ERP) and IT consulting for mid-to large-sized, private and public sector organizations across the globe. Newly founded, BA Quest is a technology oriented company, an Australian Based company and working closely with Abu Dhabi based company –Azmina Solutions. ….. Read More


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